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Sealing leaks with sealant coupling repair

Sealing leaks with sealant coupling repair

Bilfinger carries out leak repairs on process piping systems and pressure equipment with a sealant coupling repair method. Maintenance in the process industry sometimes needs to resort to temporary repair processes, while the leakage is under pressure, or while the work process or production unit is still in operation. Under pressure leak sealing keeps plant running without putting the plant out of operation.

The fitted repair method is not a permanent solution, but it is intended to be removed at the next possible opportunity, such as during a shutdown. In the sealant coupling repair method, metal pressure frames are utilized, which are mounted on top of the leakage.

The sealant of the repair coupling ensures final tightening and stops the leakage at the damaged spot. This method is chosen because it is impossible to separate the pipeline from the rest of the production process without stopping or slowing down production. The method saves costs and protects the environment.

Available for objects of different sizes and types

The sealant repair couplings are available for objects of very different sizes and types, regardless of the external dimensions of the object, or the properties of the leaking substance. The sealant repair couplings seal leaks of many different substances.

The method can also serve as a support structure in places where the welding of the original material is impossible. Also, it can be used, among other things, to repair leaking flanges, valves and valve boxes. The method is spark-free, meaning that it can be used in places where working with fire is not wanted or cannot be carried out.

The couplings are measured and produced according to a particular object. Safety data sheets are available for the sealant and strength calculations for the couplings. The sealant is pumped into the coupling using a hydraulic cylinder and an operating piston, wherein the pressure of the sealant repairs the leakage. Sizes from 1/2 inch up to 16 inches may be produced.

There are 11 different types of sealant, which can be selected according to the situation of where it is used. The sealant repair coupling can withstand pressure up to 300 bars, and a temperature from the lowest of -150 degrees Celsius to the highest of 950 degrees Celsius.

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