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Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Bilfinger bears responsibility for employees, customers, society and the environment. Therefore, the topics of health, occupational safety, environment and quality are ascribed of highest importance. Responsible and sustainable action, the active involvement of all employees and open dialogue are the basic requirements for mutual success. Here we go beyond and above the fulfillment of legal requirements.

Our HSEQ management is responsible for the implementation of the relevant group principlesand supports the perception of corporate responsibility towards customers, employees and society. HSEQ is part of the groupwide risk management.

Our HSEQ systems are certified in many business units according to OHSAS 18001 and SCC, and ISO 9001 and 14001.

In order to meet our HSEQ requirements, Bilfinger supports and encourages a positive error culture, openness and transparency as well as a continuous improvement process.

  • Occupational Safety
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Environmental protection
  • Quality assurance
  • Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety

The first priority is the integrity and health of employees and third parties for Bilfinger. The goal of our efforts to increase the safety can be easily summed up: zero accidents.

The rigorous security compliance by all employees as well as the responsibility of each individual for himself and the community are an integral part of our safety culture. Accidents can only be prevented if employees are made aware repeatedly for the interests of safety. Therefore Bilfinger regularly conducts awareness campaigns, training and emergency training. With SAFETYWORKS! there is a groupwide program for the sustainable improvement of safety performance.

More about occupational safety is explained in Bilfinger's Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

Corporate Health Management

Management Bilfinger creates and offers working conditions to promote and maintain the health of all employees. The fields of activity include sports and exercise, physical and mental health and workplace conditions. Bilfinger promotes the sporting activities of its workforce in many disciplines. In addition the company offers special seminars e.g. dealing with stress and the sustainable preservation of performance. Jobs are tested for possible burdens and dangers.

Environmental protection

For us caring for the environment means acting responsibly in all our business processes. Therefore, we ensure that through our business activities negative effects on the environment are reduced as much as possible. Sustainable and environmentally conscious in all our decisions and actions is the basis for this and helps us to achieve continuous improvements in environmental protection. Our management systems support and control all processes necessary for this purpose with the goal of continuous development.

Quality assurance

Our operational units remain primarily responsible for the quality of their products as well as the relevant safety and monitoring measures. These decentralized systems are supported by the headquarters. A corporate officer for quality assurance gathers relevant data and information from all Subgroups, determines the status of 'best practice' and distributes his findings to all Group units. The condensed knowledge on optimized quality management is routed to the ongoing work of the quality assurance managers in our operating units as well as to training and education measures.

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