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The last contract agreement for Baltic Connector’s compressor station reinforces the project’s progress on schedule

December 05, 2018

Baltic Connector Oy urakkasopimus Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy:n kanssa Inkoon kompressoriaseman prosessisähkötöistä ja instrumenttiasennuksistaFrom Baltic Connector press release:

On 16 November 2018, Baltic Connector Oy signed a contract agreement with Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy for the process electricity work and instrument installations at the Inkoo compressor station.

“I am pleased to say that with this contract agreement, all contract procurements for Baltic Connector Oy’s sites have been finalised. The project progresses on schedule and contributes to the opening of the Finnish gas market in 2020,” says Herkko Plit, President and CEO of Baltic Connector Oy.

The contract comprises the electricity and instrumentation installations related to the use of the compressor station. The station’s compressor unit is powered by an electric motor, which requires an extensive electricity system. The first phases of the contract include the installation of the cable tray and light fixtures in the station’s process buildings.

“This contract is significant for the construction project as a whole, since the work included in it enables the construction of the compressor station to proceed to the next phases. The contract agreement further reinforces the proceeding of the construction work on schedule,” says Tom Främling, Project Director, Baltic Connector Oy.

The installation work at Inkoo’s compressor station will be completed in the summer of 2019 and trial running of the station will start in the autumn of 2019.

Baltic Connector Oy is a state-owned company set up in 2015 to implement the Finnish part of the Balticconnector gas pipeline to be built between Finland and Estonia. When completed, Balticconnector will connect the gas networks of Finland and the Baltic countries and will enable the opening of the gas market in Finland. The EU has granted funding to cover 75% of the project, and the Balticconnector gas pipeline is due to be completed by 2020.


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