Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy


Objectives and strategy

Following the successful transformation to an engineering and services group, Bilfinger has entered a new phase in its corporate development.

Bilfinger Excellence

With the Bilfinger Excellence program we enhance our efficiency and sustainably improve our competitiveness. Key elements include:

  • Promoting organic growth through a lean and efficient corporate structure and by intensifying cooperation among all Group units
  • Acceleration of decisions and avoiding redundant efforts in the Group by reducing decision-making levels
  • An increase in profitability through a reduction of general administrative expenses

We are also optimizing structures and processes in the company and repositioning ourselves from an organizational perspective: after disposing of the former subgroup structure, customer-group oriented divisions have been heading the operating units since the beginning of 2014. Administrative functions formerly located at Group headquarters and in the subgroups have been streamlined in terms of their processes and merged.

Read more about our objectives and strategy in the current Annual Report.