Career story: Tiia Nikunen

Mastering financial administration via apprenticeship training

Bilfinger has, quite obviously, a very good reputation. Tiia Nikunen was studying to become a sports masseuse when another student recommended contacting Bilfinger: the company might very well be interested in hiring Tiia.

Long story short: Tiia met with Bilfinger’s representatives and was offered a position at the Porvoo Industrial Services office. At the same time, she began the apprenticeship training offered by Bilfinger.

“Fantastic, flexible, open”, Tiia describes Bilfinger.

She received her Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration in May 2015. Her ultimate goal is to at some point start her own sports massage business, in which the business education will become handy.

The two-year combined study and work phase has taken a lot of energy, but at the same time has also given a lot:

“I feel I’ve found the right career. Both my place of study and Bilfinger have been flexible regarding the practical day-to-day matters. Studies that require me being present at the school have mostly taken place during evenings and if needed, I’ve been able to telecommute.”

Good corporate culture

At Bilfinger, Tiia’s calling card reads “Financial Assistant”. Alongside Tiia, there are 6–7 other finance experts working at Bilfinger.

“If and when I need advice, there’s always somebody around that I can ask. I think we have a good and uncomplicated corporate culture that keeps evolving according to how the people in it act and work. I’m happy that I can have a say in the content of my own work. Also, the company’s international character is a huge plus. I’m in daily contact with other Bilfinger offices in other countries. The languages used are English and Swedish.”

Tiia’s two primary tasks are preparing the invoicing materials and managing the purchase ledger. In addition to internal invoices she handles invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors – up to 120 different documents during the busiest days. Other tasks include various accounting entries and reconciliations of accounts.

Keep on learning and educating

“I’ve learned so much, both about financial administration and working life in general. Deep down I’m quite shy, but on the other hand, these past couple of years have taught me to be more assertive and visible. My self-knowledge has improved and towards the completion of my studies, I’ve felt more and more that I want to keep on learning and educating myself.”

Alongside her day job Tiia works part-time as a sports masseuse. Before this, she has gained experience on the food and restaurant industry, so her competence palette is an interesting one.

As for the future, it is still quite open:

“The past few years have been busy and filled with work so at least for the time being, I’m going to take it one day at a time!”

Career story about Tiia Nikunen